Friday, December 17, 2004

"Bring festive sparkle to your Home"
-by Sarah Leung

I am captivated by the impressive display of Christmas lightening in Hong Kong. The Victoria harbour in Hong Kong is dressed up and ready to meet the world. This city that never sleep holds a special place in my heart. It's the place where I am brought to life, a place where I leant to walk & talk and definitely the best place to be for Christmas.

Many a time, I need to travel to my home country, especially on Christmas time. I was there to visit my relatives, to get together with my family and feel closer to my root again. Everywhere I go, my parents would share with me the memories they had for this city. It's also the time when I talk much with my father.

He, the sole bread-winner and head of the family, enforced strict rules in the household. Making funny faces or to giggle are considered inappropriate acts that once committed will be faced with either stern warning or fierce stare from him. Under such influence, my sister and I soon became the well-loved "goody kids" in their social circle. It is especially true when I see the pride in my father's eye whenever people ask him why are we not crying unnecessary or throwing tantrum.

I never need him to scold me, all it takes is a 'sharp' stare and it will send warning signals to my brain.

Only during Christmas, will I see a fatherly Santa bringing his darling daughters out to watch the enchanting Christmas lighting and taking pictures of his precious ones. The temperature may be dropping but the cozy feeling in the air rises to the occasion. Everyone is in the mood for celebration, even my strong-headed Daddy.

Looking at the brightly lit street, I was on my daddy's shoulder. Looking down at the kid holding his father's hand, I'm at the top of the world. I am his little princess.


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