Thursday, December 16, 2004

"Life is good"
-by Sarah Leung

A short break in between my tight schedule, I begin my writing to you. I has been 8 weeks since I first step into the Ministry (MCYS). From a willful girl who is so unwilling to report to work, to someone who found comfort in the surrounding of her colleagues, even janitor and food seller. I found myself unwilling to leave. I will miss this place.

Moving on to the next phrase in life is scary and graduation seems to feel like that. Uncertain of what the future holds for me, I prepared myself to be open to all opportunities. Life is a mystery but not always negative. Life full of surprises brought me much joy as well as sorrow. Thinking back, I can't help but feel life is good.

Life threw me off guard again at last night when I met a special someone after years. She is special to me, she is my teacher.

Way back 10 years ago, I was uprooted from my homeland to this small island. Wary of the change in environment, I carefully enter my new school. Soon enough, I was greeted with noisy children and cheerful teachers. Above all, I could not forget madam Kan, she is my primary 5 form teacher. Her dedicated teaching and motherly nature bonded her closely with the students.

Talking to her after years, I could still feel the warm atmosphere. It was pleasant listening to her difficulties with her teenage child. Most of all, I have not just one but two special people with me that night. My Significant Other politely engaged in the conversation. I do appreciate his effort for making it wonderful to him and I'm glad he enjoy her company as much as I do. Thank you!

Time flies and it was time to say good bye. Waving to her, I silently said a prayer for her may her worries leave her alone.

It's amazing how people comes to me at different point in time and leave me with such an impression that is just so precious, so wonderful. I'm grateful for having love around me. Yes, I am.


At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya Sarah!
Time flies so fast b4 u knew it! I too felt that 3 yrs past so quickly and feel so lost and also do not know wat to do next. Juz hope that by the time it comes, everything will seem bright for me!

take care! =)


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