Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Cheap, cheap, hooray!"
-by Sarah Leung

Staring into the mirror, I look very much the same. Only myself knows that I've trimmed my hair last night and I feel happy.

Going to the salon is like giving myself a treat. I feel so pampered with friendly faces who serve me tea, brings me the magazines, massage my scalp and so I trustfully leave my hair to the styling guru.

Closing my heavy eyes, I ease the tension of the day and let the shampoo soak my hair. The music playing in the background is perfect, the shampoo smells wonderful and the night is beautiful. Not until an unrefine swagger next to me started yaking away.

Speaking in mandarin, she reminds me of auntie in the neighborhood covered in replica Louis Vuittion. The loud auntie with a super A4 size monogram messenger bag is a serious mismatch, perhaps just the degree of both matters (the noise vs the capacity).

My jaw nearly dropped onto the floor when the toady shampoo girl made a superfluous remark to a sophisticated customer next to her, "Mrs. XX, the bag very nice hor?". Bless you, poor bat.

And guess what? She replied nonchalantly, "Oh, it's too big for me." Ha!Ha!Ha! I feel like rolling on the floor. I believe the tai tai agree with me. It's an over-sized homme messenger bag and you bet it looks unsightly on women.

The noise continues... She just won't give up! Yak about her lavish lifestyle vs her friends' trifty habits. (Oh come on! What's wrong with that??) Self-proclaim of her precious hair must not let it ruin under cheapscake hair dye. "Some even bought $8 dye, HA!HA!HA!" she laughed just like a jester. "Aiyo! I don't dare let my maid dye for me yea..." Well, maybe she used a 80 cent toothpaste cause she stinks.

While my $14.90 canvas doggie bag, standing next to the giant LV, receives overwhelming compliments, "Wow! Your bag is so cute". Thank god, it's not a LV.


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