Monday, December 20, 2004

"Dad's home for Christmas!"
-by Sarah Leung

It's 5 days to Christmas! (I simply adores the number 5) And it's great. I feel much gratitude than thanksgiving day. It has been a month of preparation and I have not finished. This means last min mad dash for hair cut, sending out more greeting cards and family gatherings. Sad to say I have my work too. (Sigh) I'm gone.

Touching my hair, I feel it spring out of control that I need a hair cut badly before I pick up my Dad tomorrow, his social jamboree following that & back-to-school next week. Yes, I need it today. Picked up the phone, I dial her number. Thank goodness, my hair-stylist is willing to stay a little later to do me this favor.

Thinking hard of what to write, my mind is blown away by events that are taking place this week. I keep reminding myself, the collection of festive treats for his family, dad's arrival, meet-my-folks and cozy Christmas parties with close friends. My hands are tied and my memory is failing me. (Oh s***, pimples!)

My work place is filled with festive joy with the spray of white Santa on glass door, balloons popping out of ceiling in club house to the 8 feet tall Christmas tree in the lobby. It feels like holiday already and everyone is in the mood to party. I'm confident that Christmas this year would be perfect! I feel so blessed now, just like the little me when I saw the bag of chocolate gold coin. But other than that, all things have changed.

From the time when my dad shift his attention to China, my only form of communication with him is via email. Even though he will call every weekends, I keep my talk with him brief & casual. I always find it hard to open up to him. He always have truck-load of logic to prove that he is right. Although, I agree with him most of the time, he seldom listen to what others have to say. My mom had much of it since the day she married my dad and nothing can stop him now or ever.

He can be a stubborn old man (like father like daughter) but I still love him very much. Which is why I'm glad he can be home for Christmas. Without my family together, nothing feels complete. What's more important than watching your family unfold the gifts before your eyes? What can be more important that sharing a cozy dinner with your family?

No, work is an excuse not an answer.


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