Saturday, September 04, 2004

So much to do, so little time…
-Sarah Leung

Yeah, life is short so if there’s anything you wanna accomplish, just do it! *Smile* Well, I’ll side track a bit to bring you lesson for today. Haha… “Human beings were never made for perfection- we can only strive for it.” Golden words by Ms Ong Soh Chin. It’s short and sweet and just why I like it! Haha…. Don’t ask me who she is, I don’t know her. Haha… But I will have to agree with her. Don’t u? Anyway, back to what I said earlier- life’s short so live it to the fullest. Haha… sorry brother, it’s well-said so borrowed ya quote and share it with more people. Pass it on! Haha… Well, enough of my crap, it’s time to sleep children. Haha… Good night!