Monday, May 14, 2007

How long have we met? I can’t remember but we are somehow at the verge of going separate ways.

It’s ironic things turned out this way after much ‘understanding’. Should we better not ‘understand’ each other too well? I felt suppressed by his air of confidence. Like he know it so well that I’ll never leave this relationship.

Why do I feel so bad the more he understands me now? Should we take a break? Should I come back to this relationship after things calm down? I can’t figure out anymore.

I’m tired but I don’t think of walking away. All I think is to take things slow again and give up on all the happy feelings love brings. Will I be sad then? I am now.

It’s complicated yet I didn’t know it’ll trap me into the big whirlpool. I feel entangle! Everything! My heart, my emotion, my rationality, my courage…

How long must I wait to find out the answer to my restless self? How to go back to happier time? How far am I from there? I believe I’ll lose more of myself shall this drag on. I’ve already lost my courage.