Thursday, May 27, 2004

-by Sarah Leung

Well, this is not about BGR but rather friendship that*s beyond measure. Just like guys have buddies, we girls have girlfriends. The meaning of girlfriends is to cry with you when you*re down, teach you things that you would never have known and make you feel so comfortable that you*ll wonder if you both are blood sisters.

They have made me learn and grow as an individual. They can see better and further than me. They never fails to leave me with the impression of **Oh! How sweet to have you around** To have them with me is always a fun. The silly things we do and say cracks me up all the time. Life seems much more interesting and colorful whenever they are near. There ain*t no words strong enough to show my gratitude and appreciations for have such wonderful girlfriends. My warmest thanks to you for loving me the way I am. (Yes, just give me some time to change for the better) For making me see that nobody is born rich, there are always responsibilities behind all the good we see. And to all my friends, life is never smooth sailing; give and take comes side by side. Don*t ask for anything that you can*t give.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

-by Sarah Leung

I admit that I*m afraid of making commitments. Not because I*m a player but the fact that I couldn*t make my man stay. I know, they will eventually leave me, and true enough they did.

After so many years, seeing them still takes my breath away. In fact I was hoping for a slimmest chance of making things right. But their new girlfriend standing beside them made it impossible. Although they did not behave intimately, I still felt uneasy. All I could do is to smile generously at the couple. Whenever I met such situations, I will think of bringing a guy friend with me but no one dare to take the risk. All the time, I kept my distance and was working hard to keep my cool. We exchanged a few words, nothing about our past was spoken.

At the end, it always made me realize one thing: that we could never get back together.

To me, people’s impression of me is very important. I would mind if people around me think negatively of me. So I bottom up all my feelings. It’s only when I’m with close friends that I’ll open up to them.

Frankly speaking, until now I still miss him. He has moved on but when will I?

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I let him go

He is my childhood sweetheart. We know each other since we were born. Just like everyone else, he is not perfect. He sleeps late, eats junk and is as stubborn as an ox. But his weaknesses never did stop me from accepting the way he is.
Our first meeting after years was awkward and strange. I was 18 when I met him for the first time after our separation. With just one look, I could recognize this man standing in front of me. He is real yet felt more like a virtual image to me. Introduction was unnecessary. Through out, our interaction was no more than a courteous formality.
We choose to date at the restaurant where our families used to frequent. Time did change the restaurant, but the familiar feeling stayed. Instantly, we were greeted by the good-old memories. It is the place that brought us together; little did we know that it will soon ends like a chapter in a book.
Our renew relationship progressed during that few weeks. He put a smile on me more than anyone ever possible. He worked his charms and made me talk enthusiastically about my craziest ideas. But most of all, he made me feel important.
Until, his family came over for a visit. His parents have aged and his younger brother is no longer a child now. Seeing them all again made me realize how much we had changed over the years.
We broke into a silent when his mother announced his engagement. His expression was unreadable. She is the girl he met in high school. His mother’s laughter kept ringing in my ears, **when you were both kids, we thought Ah Wai will eventually marry you.** she chuckled. Yes, I would be the one marrying him if I have not left. I would have asked him to wait for me if I were not a child then. Maybe, everything would not be the same. If I could turn back the clock.

*In just a blink, what*s right can be very wrong for you*