Wednesday, March 31, 2004

To tell or not to tell?
-by Sweet Muffin

Let*s say if u are pestered by an admirer and his presence became a disturbance to u, what would u do?

A friend of mine is in such a situation and she is cracking her head on how can she avoid him. But why don*t she just frankly tell him that she is not interested? Well, she gave me a very standard answer to that. **I dunno how to tell him** and because of that she is going through hell now.

What if I turn the table around and u are now the admirer, would u tell him/her that u like that person? Have u ever thought of the consequences of telling him/her your affections? I used to be bold and tell whoever I like that **hey, I think u r cute**. I*ll be extra nice to him and u can find me with his company all the time. But now, I don*t think that is a good idea. Basically, how sure he is that he likes u is more important. Cos* sometimes guys don*t really know what they are thinking ,it*s true. They might be giving u all the false indications and when u finds out the truth in the end, it*s too late cos* u are already hurt. Personally I feel that it is totally a waste of time.

My Advice: Wait for him to make the first move

Friday, March 26, 2004

I feel my soul leaving my body
-by Sweet Muffin

I*m sitting in front of my computer now, came back just a few hours ago and took my dinner earlier. Today has been a busy day for me, with truck loads of calls to make. It was tiring but not as bad I thought it will be. However, I did encounter a few nasty respondents that set my nerves on fire. I shall leave that topic for the time being, until I feel better to complain about those morons.

Everyone that I met today asked me this standard question: **Oh my! Why do look like a ghost today?** Yup, I have to admit this, I do look like dead today (in fact all the time). I think I*ll need some chocolate to feel good. (Never under-estimate the power of chocolates) Right, I shall go get it if I have the time. Well, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow will be another busy day for me (wish me luck). Only after Monday will I get a breather. *Peace*

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Working OT anyone?
-by Sweet Muffin

It's Thursday and real *labor day* for me. I've got to work till 8 pm today. I'm not complaining but working overtime for my TEP is the last thing on my mind due to the starting of the major project. Ask Kelly and u will know how busy I am. Poor thing, I ignored her for the whole day. (Kelly: I'll make it up to u, don't worry ;)

I guess TEP is the real *money-making* business in NYP. Making full use of its resources to complete internal tasks. Polytechnic are truly education business, not education center.

It has been a long time since I go for *night-shopping*. Sometimes, it's good to unwind yourself in the nighttime. Go clubbing, shopping after work would do u more good than bad. Personally, I feel that going straight home after work is the worst thing on earth. Long-term of this habit would lead to unsounded mental health. (U will feel like banging your head against the wall)

Well, after this project, I'll need a break.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Sleep at least 8 hrs a day
-by Sweet Muffin

I have a standard routine when it comes to resting. And whenever my *beauty sleep* is disturbed, i will feel exhausted the next day. Normally, i need 10 hrs of sleep(dun wow!) so as to feel energetic the following day. However, I'm surrounded by (night owl) friends that i dun know how they managed to survive till now.

I'll get very annoyed when my *best?* friends called me up as early as 2 in the morning. In my mind, i'm thinking *don't u need to sleep?* and they will nevertheless throw me back this stupid answer: *O, so u haven't sleep la!*- Hey! do u call just to find out if i'm really asleep at 2am when u clearly know that i have a very regular sleeping time @ 10pm??

My conversation with this irritating calls is always brief and simple that needs not use my brain. Starts with a *hmm*, never-ending of *yeah*, show that- i'm hearing u-with *okie* and ends with a *bye*. In the end, i catch no balls?! And when they start questioning me the next day, *hey! i THOUGHT i told u yesterday?* (It's last night, late at night to be exact!)

For all I know, they were actually talking to the sleep-dreaming me. So my friends PLEASE sleep early! Night!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The simplest thing can be most joyful to have and own
-by Sweet Muffin

I'm extremely hungry today, feel like gobbling all 3 meals at once. Oh dear, I think i'm having a flu soon. My room here is like a cold storage it's freezing cold! Yet we could not adjust the air-con temperature, its controlled by the central system- whatever. I'm sitting here feeling cold and hungry, it's really terrible. I wonder what would happen to those children in the third-world countries. What would happen if i'm in their shoes? I think i would rather kill myself than to suffer for good. Sometimes, would u be in despair when u are hit by hard times? when life is not smooth sailing as u want it to be? But on the other hand, those poor children might be just thinking about filling their hunger and nothing else. Living in cities can be exhausting, following a mordernalized lifestyle that created all kinds of *needs* and *wants*. Seriously, they wouldn't be bothered with what color they want their hair to be, or must-have the latest handphone with this and that. These are all the things that made our life complex. However, I'm not condemning the benefits advanced technology and joy "wants" bring to us. I'm just explaining my worries that we would one day rely too much on these stuff and forgetting those simple pleasures in life. Like eating, I'm going for lunch now. Run!

Monday, March 22, 2004

To have and to hold - at age 70 - is the most beautiful thing
-by Sweet Muffin

What is the most beautiful thing that happened in your life? All the time, I can*t help but wonder, what is the most wonderful moment in my life? To tell u the truth, until now i still could not find the answer.

But whenever i see old couples walking side by side slowly and holding on to each other for support, my eyes will somehow feel moist. To me that is the most beautiful moment captured. (Hey, i guess your parents are not so loving after all)

And here comes the big question, how did they manage to stay married for sooo long? (Think: At the beautiful moment of your life, would u ever stop to wonder *But how long will it last?*??) Marriage is difficult is a fact that was drilled into me throughout my growing up years. You could blame a failed marriage on incompatibility, extra-marital affairs, diverging career paths, lack of support and respect for each other. There are simply too many tempting reasons to divorce. In the past, getting a divorce is a strict *no-no* but nowadays it*s just like ditching an old handphone that easy.

This should sound familiar to u : **If two people don*t love each other any more, they should just divorce.** - I have found a new meaning to this statement- It*s easier to find something new than fix something old. So would u still stay for better or for worst? or choose a easy way out?

Saturday, March 20, 2004

How do u tell if a guy is telling the truth or simply lying?
-by Sweet Muffin

Hey, I know. I can always tell if a guy is just sweet-talking me, very seldom do I get *real* compliments. And what do u call guys that lie too much? Losers or Jerks? Personally, I refer them as Clowns because they have no idea that they are making a fool of themselves in front of me and I go a hearty *ha-ha*.

Why do guys wanna lie in the first place? If u have read this book Why Men Lie and Women Cry, u will know the answer [… focusing on a relationship is not a natural part of the male psyche, thinking or scale of priorities.] So they are always more sit back and say things like: *Whatever you decide is fine with me*. One thing women must remember is that men have a lot of pride (They need some shit to cover their face)

Do you hate it and get real angry when u know that *he* is lying again? I do in the beginning, wanting to scratch his *smirking* smile off his face but after a while (feeling: *What the hell!*), I feel cool as a cucumber again(Chanting: *May hell be with u*)

It*s not worth it my fair ladies. Boys will always be boys.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

There*s a Cinderella in every girl
- by Sweet Muffin

Modern women are lucky that they can now have a good job, receive high education or even owns a car, dog? But is that what women want ultimately?

When I was a kid, (I may still be a kid now) I always believe in fairy tales, making believe that there will be a day when I will be somebody*s princess. But as I grow older and along the way met some jerks (I still can*t get them out of my mind), yeah I* ve learnt my lesson Don*t be stupid

My mother, in fact, did warn me that I will have difficulties finding my Mr. Right. Well, sad but true, she*s right, what makes her think so? Cos* since young I always make her feel that I*m strong, independent, confident and stubborn it seems like I can take good care of myself. But hey, I dun need man who think like that alright?

I read this somewhere, the biggest joke of the year [Ironically, in my mid-20s, an ex-boyfriend broke up with me for someone else whom he subsequently married. His parting words to me were: **She needs me. I know u can take care of yourself**. I wanted to scream, **Yes, I know I can take care of myself but dun I need u too?**. What I did was wonder whether despite all that I had achieve on my own, was what I really wanted a man to make me feel complete?]


Hi~ (Brief but good enough...)

Well, dun really noe how to start this post... Hmm... I do noe that some of u don't really noe the existent of my message box, right?? I'm still not too sure what exactly happened... I'll try to figure that out myself... Yup... u should see a tag board beneath the archive... But... yup... some of my frenz feedback to me that it's invisible... yeah... it's free what do u expect!!

Up-coming event... haha... catching a movie on sat... i think there's one at 2.45pm... go check it out... then tell me if u want lunch together or wat... U decide!!! It's time u learn to make some decisions...so what if U R BAD AT MAKING DECISIONS!!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Title: "With so little people, I don't think the seminar is going to start"

Hee... I'm back... had a busy day but it was fun... the seminar went smoothly and I think it was great... except for a 'guy' who is dame ugly and was in white shirt!!!With pimples all over his face- serve him right!! He is the most unreasonable person I have ever seen... Believe me, he did not behave what a man should... not a gentleman... he's a toad!!! Sucks big time!!
He was nasty towards my ushers and me... and even to a lecturer...I'm gonna wish him dead man!! Not at least corporative!! What a disgrace to all MAN out there... Believe me or not, I have registered his face in my head... I'll twist off his neck if I see him again... So that he could change his 'head'... plastic surgery will not help!!!