Saturday, June 26, 2004

-by Sarah Leung

Where should I start? Well, this afternoon, after work, I took a walk to the library. It was a way long time I step into the library again. What can I say? I’m just too busy to hit my favorite past time. Briefly spree through and took a book by Judith Michael. It’s their pen name, a husband and wife team. Well, let’s see how good they are. And my goodness, for a long long time I have not shop till I drop! It’s time I revamp my wardrobe collection. Ha~

I guess guys out there must be real excited about the Euro Cup. But don’t forget to get some sleep ok? I wouldn’t want to see pandas hoof it around the campus!

Just one more thing before I go, I’ll be on leave till Wedneday-30th. Take care till I see ya again.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Curry Puffs, anyone?
-by Sarah Leung

What a busy day, went out to central just for lunch n curry puffs. It's no lie that they have the best curry puff in town. I went for a health check just now, and thanks to my Mummy, I'm perfectly fine. And later I'll take a short break and attend yoga class after work. That will keep me busy till 8pm. That's great! Everything is under control. Peace.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Feeling extremely guilty
-by Sarah Leung

I can't believe it when that word came out from my mouth.
I find it so hard to forgive myself for using such an offensive word.
She's a nice girl but yet I hurt her with my outburst.
I know I did.
She must be terribly disturbed by my usage of the word.
It will be even harder for her to forgive and forget my impoliteness.
But I'm praying hard that she will.
And right now, I'm feeling guilty more than ever.
For goodness sake, please watch my words in the future!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I put my trust in him
-by Sarah Leung

When the road gets tough, I shall put my trust in him.
I shall believe that he can make things right.
I shall let him carry all my troubles, away from me.
And from now on, I shall not worry about anything.
That*s because he will be there to take care of everything.

Monday, June 07, 2004

The happiness never last for long
-by Sarah Leung

I*m glad to say I*m in real good mood this past few days, even though of my persistent cough that just can*t bear to part with me. Well, it has been quite a fun having my cousin here in town. He is someone I could talk to, cos I know he could not spill my darkest secrets to my friends here. No such word as trust in my dictionary, that*s the problem with me.

His company is like the arrival of a public holiday. Full of excitement and joy but always ends too quickly. And when the holiday is over, blues will come into the picture and ruins everything. It*s just too short! How I wish I could hold on to happiness or at least prolong this feeling and make it stay with me for a long long time. Maybe only me could understand this agony.

Friday, June 04, 2004

What is it that you want in life?
-by Sarah Leung

Have you ever sat down under the moonlight at a quite spot that is just for you, and think **What is that I want in life?** Every time I have that thinking coming, I know that I'm feeling lonely again. Yup... I*m only lonely!

Well, many a times, I could just call up my Galfriends and keep myself away from the empty surrounding. But I chose to stay alone. To stay in this emptiness. I*m too restless to talk. Ironically, silent became my best friend. It*s always there to bug me on when the nights gets darker.

**Silent does have sound. It*s the sound you hear when the objects around u ain't moved.**