Thursday, April 29, 2004

I got a shock of my life
-by Sarah Leung

What is happening around Singapore? First was the collapse of Nicholl Highway just a week ago and was followed by the cave-in worksite at Ayer Rajar. These are the real tragedies happening in the country and it concerns all of us. Just what went wrong? No matter what, this shouldn*t be the time for finger-pointing. It should be a time where we review and change so as not to let history repeat itself. Lastly, my heart goes out to the casualties of the accidents.

Another shockwave sped by

I nearly jumped when I was at the corner of the stairs when an object just flashed towards me. We almost hit each other. At that sudden, I kept my eyes closed and hold my breath as if I could foresee a disaster to happen right before my eyes. I was in shock. Then came a strong American-slang *sorry* and I opened my eyes. Standing in front of me was this apple-pie! He is a fresh, spotless Chinese guy. Immediately, I was lost for words. I could have said ~It*s ok~ but I could not force out a word. Upon, seeing my reaction, he quickly added another apology. Both times he sounded sincere but the lather was more concern with the fright hanging on my face. I wish I could say something but I simply couldn*t. [After-thought: He looks familiar, I think I know him.]

Monday, April 26, 2004

Re: Should I give him a chance?
-by Sarah Leung

As each day pass, the problems my friends faced are getting more and more challenging. However, it is not true that there is no answer to it. Try thinking quietly in the dark just before you close your eyes and you will find the answer. It has been hiding in a corner of your heart all the while. What you need to look for is not an answer but rather courage. As the choice has being made at the very beginning. What you were looking for in fact is some confirmation to boost your courage. You are hoping for people to nod their heads and give you support for what you think is right. The point here is: you are afraid of making the wrong decision.

Your best/close friends whom you entrust your darkest secrets (or even bank account) with can give you all sorts of comment but what you really agree with is what that*s on your mind. They will say things like **Listen to me, sweetie. It*s for your own good!** Yet from my personal experience, I mostly did not heed those *best-for-me* advices. I just don*t seem to see their point of view in my own light! Do they really know what*s good for you or how you feel? I bloody well don*t think so. The best answer is in your hands!

And my friends, once you have made your final decision: Stick to it, PLEASE! Don*t create more traps to fall under, it*s totally un-necessary.

Feeling Scared
-by Sarah Leung

What is the one thing that makes you freak out? Crawly-creatures, dark or vegetables? Hey, no kidding! Some people are really scared of fruits and vegetables. There is one common answer: loneliness.

Loneliness happens to everyone, regardless if you are status or age. So what if you are married, you feel lonely too when your wife is out shopping with tai-tais and your precious children are ready for boarding school. One current trend, business outsourcing, resulted in separation of family members. They are located at different parts all over the world.

In addition, the older you get, the more aloof you will be because your once-young kids starts his family and your old partner is stuck on you. That*s why there is an increased number of elder suffering from depression.

But there*s nothing to fear! Scientifically, fears, sad and etc are just normal emotions that we use to express yourself. It*s because you are living thing therefore you have emotions. So next time you feel this way, tell yourself it*s alright, at least you know you*re still alive.

Friday, April 23, 2004

What about me?
-by Sarah Leung

After a short break I*ll have to head back to campus again. Simply seeing my friends yet truck-load of work, there*s nothing bad about it but greedy me just want to prolong this week of comfort. Gone are the irritating phone rings, freezing project room and tensed nerves. It*s really peaceful back home. This whole week, all I need to think about was to get enough rest and do whatever I wanted that I don*t have time back then. And just when I know it, this is going to be my last block leave, so sad!
Just hours before I hit the bed, I*m squashing my brain juice here, trying to summarize my short leave into this little space here. In short, it has been wonderful as nothing *major* happened at home so I*m blessed with some days of peace. But if you ask me to extend my stay at home, I guess I can die! Too long of quiet can get boring.
Thinking back, most of the time I did go out only when my Mum wants to go shopping, pack up grocery, high-tea, late-tea, whatever! I*m really glad that she*s happy. I hope to do whatever I can to make her happy as I’m getting to understand the pain she*s going through. I used to say she*s making a scene of everything and I*m sorry for feeling that way now.
These few days are way too hot to stone, focusing on TV screen alone can make me sweat like a monkey without the air-con. I*m saddened by the new of the collapse of the Nicholl Highway. Yup, I was watching channel newsasia when it happened. Well, of course it*s nothing compared to the night in Pearly Hong Kong but I like that highway, overlooking the CBD area - HSBC building (is it still there?), especially at night the view is magnificent. We used to drive pass there when my Dad take us to marina for supper –> mouth-watering curry fish-head and seafood. Both I don*t eat. Ha!! But they loved it. Anyway, my Dad*s coming back next week and my Mum is more than happy about it. For that, I*m glad.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Single = ?Lonely?
-by Sarah Leung

I read through a friend*s posting and started thinking, have I ever felt upset for not having someone to share my ups and downs with? I used to think about it a lot and the more I think about it, the unhappy I get. So now, I*ve decided to throw it out of the window. Well, it*s never easy but I know I*m trying and soon I*ll be able to get out of the blues.

Whenever, I overhear my friends* conversation about the fight last night with her/him, I*ll be trapped in confusion. Mixture of feelings surfaced within my heart. It sank because the magical love that I thought it should be proved me wrong and yet I felt glad that I*m at the eye of the hurricane, I escaped this storm.

Perhaps, I*ll feel differently when my status changes from single to attach. That*s the only way for me to solve the equation [Single = Lonely/Blessing?]

My dearest **diamonds** out there, never mind if u*re single cos u have me to keep u company.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Don*t ever takes LOVE for granted
-by Sweet Muffin

A goody **Hi!** to all my friends as I seldom post new journal nowadays. Well, that*s because my hands are tied up with work. Hopefully, it will cool off a while so as to enjoy some peace.

Well, Guys u might not like this that I*m going to write now but nevertheless, I*ll say. Why do guys just love to be a two-timer? One love proves to be never enough for them. Of cos! It*s alright for single and available men to mix and meet different girls but committed ones should keep their hands in the pocket! Do they ever keep in mind their commitment to the relationship? Or have they forgotten the simple respect that they should give to their one and only girlfriend?

I*ve come across many examples of guys cheating on their partner and caused the once-beautiful-relationship to fall apart. I simply couldn*t understand? What can u get from the endless lying, the hassle of giving new excuses and forcing your best buddies to cover up for u? Let me tell u, it will be your worst nightmare come true, you will be ditched by your girl.

I admit it is always hard for us (ladies) to let go of a relationship. Especially, a long-term one but when we have to, we will do it. Never expect a lady to be soft-hearted after u have committed a sin such as playing games with her heart.

So *please* guys don't ever take your Girlfriend for granted!

P.S. Hey Babe, don*t bottom up your feelings, u know u can always look for me and I*ll give u my listening ears.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Friends will always be friends
-by Sweet Muffin

Yesterday was my lucky day, I met a lot of friends at Suntec City. Friends that walked into my life at different time and places. Ha! One of them is my best gal friend at secondary school time and guess what? I saw her with her BF!! Ha! She can deny for all she wants but I just have to believe that he is not just a friend (even my mum saw through it) Come on! What*s the shame of shopping with your BF??

Anyway, we had a real nice talk at a quiet cafe and all of a sudden those old memories we shared came flashing across my mind. Our ex-teachers, who are going to be married in June and HEY!not just one but 2 couples all from our school (this is so exciting!). Our ex-classmates, ex-BFs and all kinds of old formalities (stupid speculations of who is most likely to get hitch first). It just seems like everything just happened yesterday. It*s really nice to develop this kind of familiarity with your friends. Cos* u just know, no matter how long u don't see each other, this feeling will always be there. And yes, they are always there when I needed them and only friends are forever.

To my dearest Cheryl, I know ya birthday is coming soon so please stop the hinting k? Thankz Gal for sharing all my sorrow!! Luv ya!!